Jimmy Radway - Dub I

Record date : 1975

Playlist :
Black Rights
Micron Way
Hell & Sorrow
Own Yah!
Mother Liza
Black I Am
She Is Mine
Wicked Have To Feel It
Back To Africa

Producer: Jimmy Radway


VA - Keep The Pressure Down

Record date : 1974-77

Album style : roots, dub, DJ, solo vocal

Playlist :
Leroy Smart - Mother Liza
Bobby Ellis - Mr.Ellis
Vin Gordon - Tina May
Leroy Smart - Mirror Mirror
Desmond Young - Warning
Errol Dunkley - Keep The Pressure Down
Leroy Smart - Happiness Is My Desire
Hortense Ellis - Hell And Sorrow
Big Youth - Tribulation
Errol Dunkley - Black Cinderella
Big Youth - The Best Big Youth
Augustus Pablo - Cinderella In Black
Vin Gordon - Zion Youth *
Scatty Bell - Black I Am *

*faixas disponíveis no release digital, o qual estou publicando.

Álbum produzido por Jimmy Radway, com destaque pras tracks de Hortense Ellis e Big Youth, roots e deejay version pra Hell and Sorrow riddim.


VA - Strictly Drum and Bass (The Roots of Sly and Robbie)

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, roots, dub, instrumental

Playlist :
The Upsetters - Night Doctor
Dave Barker & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Say Me Say
Errol Dunkley - You Never Know
Slim Smith - Blinded By Love
Al Brown & Skin, Flesh & Bones - Here I Am Baby
Skin, Flesh & Bones - Tit For Tat
Al Brown & Skin, Flesh & Bones - Ive Got To Go On Without You
Bertram Ranchie McLean - Im Falling In Love
Barrington Spence - The Message
Cornell Campbell - Wherever I Lay My Hat
Cornell Campbell - I Shall Not Remove
Johnny Clarke & The Aggrovators - Rock With Me Baby
Johnny Clarke & The Aggrovators - Move Out Of Babylon
Linval Thompson - Natty Dread Girl
Linval Thompson - Dont Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
John Holt & The Aggrovators - Youll Never Find Another Love
John Holt - Up Park Camp
Trinity - Pope Paul Dead And Gone
The Revolutionaries - Freedom Dub
Ken Boothe & The Aggrovators - Youre No Good


you'll never find another love like mine!
infinito, eterno e indestrutível... VC

Sir Coxsone Sound - King Of The Dub Rock Parts 1&2

depois de um longo tempo sem atualizar, na marca dos 133 álbuns postados, vamos reiniciar o humilde trabalho de compartilhar, com todos os irmãos e irmãos, a boa música jamaicana, os arrepiantes reverbs e delays com aquela timbragem antiga e artesanal que só em JA souberam fazer.

pra re-começar em grande estilo, Sir Coxsone Sound, um dos primeiros hi-fi's londrinos próprio para o dub, com os melhores discos; pioneiro nos efeitos e no que hoje se chama sistema de som!

blessed luv

Record date : 1975-82

Album style : roots, dancehall, dub

Playlist :
King Of The Dub Rock
Capital Radio Rock
Live And Love
Born To Love
Mouth Of The Wicked
Piccadilly Circus Dub
Tribute To Mohammed Ali
Many Moods Of Coxsone
It's Reggae Time Dub Rock
Sounds Of Safari
Black Wars Reggae
Zion Bound
Travelling Israel Dub
East Of The Rockfort Rock
Psalms 87.2
Bower Dub
So Much Dub To Give
United Africa

Producer : Lloydie Coxsone


Luvin' Wise - Dub & I 'strum


Joe Gibb's - Blank Label Dub
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Voodoo Man
Val Bennet - Tons of Gold
The Aggrovators & The Revolutionaries - Jah Forgive
King Tubby - Morwell's Star
King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Lime Tree Dub
Impact All-Stars - Extraordinary Version
King Tubby & Errol Thompson - Warning Version
Augustus Pablo - Skateland Rock
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Ganja Roots
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Elephant Rock
Harry Mudie & Mudie's All Stars - Dub in Red
The Aggrovators - A Ruffer Version
King Tubby - Dub from the Roots
Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators - Roots of Africa
Bullwackie's All Stars - All for Free
Ja-Man All Stars - Bush Weed
Scientist - Dub Bible
King Tubby Sly & Robbie - Rude Boy Dub
Black Slate & Soul Syndicate - Love Dub
Niney The Observer - Burning Dub

Selecta by Sista Caiena


Freddie McGregor - Bobby Bobylon

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
We Need More Love
What Difference Does It Make
Go Away Pretty Girl
Tomorrow Is Like Today
Bobby Bobylon
Wine Of Violence
Gonna Take Over Now
Rastaman Camp
I Am A Revolutionist

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The Chantells - The Chantells Collection

Record date :

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Waiting In The Park
Man In Love
Children Of Jah
Desperate Time
Loving Stranger
Blood River
Rub Me Down
Natty Supper
Stumbling Block

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Freddie McKay - A Lonely Man

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Lonely Man
Black Beauty
I'm A Free Man
If I Should Dream My Life Over
Losing Your Love
Peace In The Garden
Where Can I Find True Love
I'm Not Your Love
100 Pounds Of Clay

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King Tubby & Errol Thompson - The Black Foundation in Dub

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Marcus Garvey Dub
Jah Jah Dub
Time Hard
Patient Dub
African Brightright
Running Dub
Track Dub
Slavery Days Dub
Dub Upright
Dub In Time
Dubn Of Tomorrow
Warning Version

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Scientist - Dub in the Roots Tradition

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
King Tubby's Answer
Dub Bible
Dub 16
Pick Up The Dub
Don't Rush The Dub
No Dub Island
Love You Dub
When I Love Dub
See A Dub Face
One Man Dub
Sunshine Version
Dub Livity
Babylon Fight Dub
African Daughter Dub
Home Version

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Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Rasta Communication (King Saul)
Felt We Felt The Strain
I Broke The Comb
Rasta Country
Bloody Eyes
The Musicology
I'm No Fool
I'm Not Satisfied
I Won't Compromise
Nah Skin Up (12" Mix) *

King Tubby - 100% of Dub

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Flag Dub
Drumillie Rock
Dub Fever
Roots Dub
Real Gone Crazy Dub
Stalawatt Version
Better Version
Roots Dub
Crime Wave
Lambs Bread Herb
Jah Jah Dub
Dubbing May Way
Tubby's At The Control
Declaration Dub
Water Dub
Narrow Dub
Tribal War
Rub A Dub
100% Of Dub

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The Bullwackie's All Stars - Free for All

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub, solo vocal

Playlist :
Free For All
Space Age
Drum Call
Tribal Dub
All For Free
Dis Ya A Dub
Boma Ye Dub
Meditation Dub

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Horace Andy - In the Light

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Do You Love My Music
Hey There Woman
Government Land
Leave Rasta
In The Light
If I
Collie Herb

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Various Artists - Studio One Rub-a-Dub

Record date :

Album style : roots, DJ, solo vocal

Playlist :
Cornell Campbell - My Conversation
Lone Ranger - Screw Gone A North Coast
Judah Eskender Tafari - Danger In Your Eyes
Rapper Robert & Jim Brown - Minister For Ganja
Freddie McGregor - How Could You Leave
Barry Brown - Give Love
Len Allen Jr - White Belly Rat
Johnny Osbourne - Forgive Them
Jennifer Lara - Natural Mystic
Horace Andy - Happiness
Rapper Robert & Jim Brown - Pirate
Willie Williams - Keep On Moving
Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Jah A The Creator
Ethiopian - Empty Belly
Earl 16 - No Mash Up The Dance
The Jay Tees - Forward To Jah
Lone Ranger - Natty Chalwa

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The Revolutionaries - Jonkanoo Dub

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
African Spirit
Spirit Of Biko
Spirit Of Shaka

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Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, solo vocal

Playlist :
Better Must Come
Better To Be Loved
Can't Explain
It's You I Love
Dance With You
Try Again
It's Your Thing
Keep An Eye
Drink Wine
Stick By Me

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The Morwells - Cool Runnings

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Cool Runnings
Give It To Me
I Nah Want Dey Yah
Man Ah Kill Man
Let Me Remind You
Wish I Could Fly
Be Wise
Show I The Way
Selected Train
Reggae Party

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Tommy McCook - Blazing Horns - Tenor in Roots

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub, instrumental

Playlist :
Blazing Horns (Extended)
Tears Of Love
Glorious Lion
Mine Eyes
Jamaican Place
Yellow Bird
Tommy's Mood
Ites Of Zion
Lamb's Bread
Riding West (12" Mix)
More Music
Tubby's Control
Everyday Sax
South Side Feeling
When I Fall In Dub
Far Over Yonder
Gold Street Skank
Harry Meet Tommy
Way Down In South

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Inturns - Consider Yourself

Record date :

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Send Us
Consider Yourself
Jah Oh Jah
Nothing Is Impossible
Get To Know
Do We Have To Fight
Yah Ho
Sing A Good Song

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Meditations - Wake Up

Record date :

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Wake Up
A Wey Me Do
Turn Me Lose
Nyah Man Story
Being A Dread Is No Crime
Fly Natty Dread
Stoning Me Away
Get Left
Another Plight

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The Bullwackie's All Stars - Black World Dubwise

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Jah T - Recording Connection
The Wackies Rhythm Force - Skylarking
Joe Auxumite - Troubled Land
The Wackies Rhythm Force - Morning Star
Bullwackie - United Rock
Leroy Sibbles - Black World
Joe Auxumite - Simple Little Woman
The Wackies Rhythm Force - Tribute To Studio One
The Wackies Rhythm Force - Rain From The Cloud
The Wackies Rhythm Force - Shining Star

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Errol Holt -Vision of Africa

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Vision Of Africa
My Brethren
Jah Light
Fly Your Dread
Jamaica Peace Treaty
Easy Niah Man
Babylon Queendom
Queendom Fall

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Johnny Clarke - Authorized Rockers

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Rockers Time Now
Ites Green And Gold
African Roots
Be Holy My Brothers And Sisters
Satta-Amasa-Gana (Seete Messgana)
Stop The Tribal War
Declaration Of Rights
Let's Give Jah Jah Praises
I Wish It Would Go On For Ever
Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right
Prophesy A Fulfilled
Marcus Garvey
Roots, Natty Roots, Natty Congo
Wrath Of Jah
Legalise It
I'm Still Waiting
Let Go Violence
Academy Award Version
Cry Tough
Crazy Baldhead
Simmer Down
Jah Jah See Them Come
Freedom Blues

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Creation Rebel - Dub from Creation

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Dub From Creation
Basic Principles
Rebel Rouser
Creation Vibration
Creation In A Iration
Dub Fusion
Rising Star
Vision Of Creation

download link:

David Jahson - Natty Chase the Barber

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Natty Chase The Barber
Learn To Listen
I Love You
Jah Is Coming
Never Get Jumpy
People Bawling
It's All About Jah
Step Right In Side
Run For Your Life
Love Sweet Love
Give Praises
Come To Jah

download link:

Cornell Campbell - Turn Back the Hands of Time

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Prisoner Of Love
Turn Back The Hands Of Time
If I Were A Carpenter
Never Let Me Go
Get Wise Girl
Why Birds Follow Spring
Stop The War
Begining Of The End
Love Is The Answer
Small Axe
Stick By Me

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Ernest Ranglin - Boss Reggae

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, instrumental

Playlist :
Boss Reggae
Grandfather's Clock
Soulful I
Dr. No-Go
Everybody's Talking
Sweet Sensation
There's A Fire
My Elusive Dreams

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Enos McLeod - The Genius of Enos

Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, dub, solo vocal

Playlist :
Tel Aviv
Jericho Version
Come Let Us Leave Babylon
If You Love Jah
By The Look
By The Look Version
Go Find Yourself A Fool
Now You're Coming Back
Hi -Jacking
Bad Times
Prince Far I - Let Jah Arise
Judge Diamond - People

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Wailing Souls - Face the Devil

Record date : 1981

Album style : roots, dub, group vocal

Playlist :

Face The Devil
Why No (Dub)
Rudie Say Him Bad
Penny I Love You (Dub)
Mr Bigmore
Face The Devil (Dub)
Penny I Love You
Who Da (Waan Come)
Don't Be Downhearted
The Viceroys - Jah Jah
The Viceroys - Come Closer
The Viceroys - Time For Important

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Joe Gibbs - State of Emergency

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Bounty Hunter
Rawhide Kid
Donald Quarrie
High Noon
The Great Escape
Walls Of Jericho
Wicked And Beautiful
I Shot The President
State Of Emergency
Security Force
Black September
Stone Wall Jackson
Wild Goat

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Kingstonians - Sufferer

Record date :

Album style : rock steady, early reggae, group vocal

Playlist :
Your Love
Singer Man
Hold Down
I'll Be Around
Winey Winey (Reggae)
The Clip
Rumble Rumble
Come We Go Moonwalk
Complicated Scene
Easy Ride Reggae
Nice Nice

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Vin Gordon - Way Over Yonder

Record date :

Album style : roots, instrumental

Playlist :
Easy Living
Fiddler Rock - Reel Rock
Green Callie
So Delightful
Summertime - Blue Moon
Lovable You
Way Over Yonder

download link:

Derrick Harriott - More Scrubbing the Dub

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Queen Of Sheba
Golden Pearl
More Scrubbing The Dub
Hail Dawta
Black Bullet
Roots Train
King Solomon
Smile Orange Reggae
Rasta Locks
Swinging Chariot

download link:

The Wailing Souls - The Wailing Souls

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, group vocal

Playlist :
Back Out With It
Fire Coal Man
Run My People
Thou Shall Not Steal
Row Fisherman
Real Rock
Got To Be Cool
Pack Up
Can't Catch Me
Hot Road
Things And Time
Without You

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Sound System Rockers (Kingston Town 1969-75)

Record date :

Album style : early reggae, roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Ken Boothe - Satta Massa Gana
Horace Andy - Guiding Star
Leroy Smart - Shame & Pride
Dennis Brown - Stick By Me
Cornell Campbell - Can't Get Me Out
John Holt - Riding For A Fall
Delroy Wilson - Once Upon A Time
Gregory Isaacs - The Village
Johnny Clarke - Ride On Girl
Freddie McGregor - Mighty King
Linval Thompson - Whip Them King
Barry Brown - Lead Us Jah Jah
Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love
Alton Ellis - Play It Cool
Count Prince Miller - Mule Train
Owen Grey - Natty Bongo

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Leroy Brown - Prayer of Peace

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Stand Up Strong
Time Of Decision
Color Barrier
Metro Pigs
Rulers Of Babylon
Free For All
Prayer Of Peace
African Roots


Dandy Livingstone - Dandy Returns

Record date :

Album style : rock steady, solo vocal

Playlist :
Run Come Have Fun
Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
Put On Your Dancing Shoes
Tribute To The Prince
The Race Is On
You're Not The Same Girl
Your Daddy Is Home
Doctor Sure Shot
Its A Sad World
Musical Land
My Nights Are So Lonely

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Sly & The Revolutionaries - Go Deh Wid Riddim

Record date :

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Go Deh Wid Riddim
Sly Rockers
Son Of Sam
No True
Chariot Style
Praise To Jah
Chicken George
Mop Head
Ganja Roots

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Johnny Clarke - Girl I Love You

Record date :

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :

Dread Natty Congo
Girl I Love You
Come Make We Love Up
Yes My Skin Is Black
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Come Have A Nice Time
I'll Be Lonely
Love Up Your Brothers And Sisters
Remember Me
Let's Go On The Beach

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