Luvin' Wise - Dub & I 'strum


Joe Gibb's - Blank Label Dub
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Voodoo Man
Val Bennet - Tons of Gold
The Aggrovators & The Revolutionaries - Jah Forgive
King Tubby - Morwell's Star
King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Lime Tree Dub
Impact All-Stars - Extraordinary Version
King Tubby & Errol Thompson - Warning Version
Augustus Pablo - Skateland Rock
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Ganja Roots
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Elephant Rock
Harry Mudie & Mudie's All Stars - Dub in Red
The Aggrovators - A Ruffer Version
King Tubby - Dub from the Roots
Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators - Roots of Africa
Bullwackie's All Stars - All for Free
Ja-Man All Stars - Bush Weed
Scientist - Dub Bible
King Tubby Sly & Robbie - Rude Boy Dub
Black Slate & Soul Syndicate - Love Dub
Niney The Observer - Burning Dub

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